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CHiNDT has 15+ year experience of designing and manufacturing PT equipments with more than 120+ projects around the world. Our MPI equipments are used for various industries of aerospace, military, nuclear, medical and automotive etc. CHiNDT offers both standard system and customized solutions. CHiNDT FPI equipment has high level of automation and reliability.


1. Standard Manual Tank Line
Standard manual tank line generally include: pre-cleaning tanks, penetrant immersion tank, manual rinsing tanks, emulsifier tank, drying tanks, developing tanks and inspection booth. This is mostly common for aerospace and medical industry.


2. FPI Spray Booth
FPI spray booth includes: electrostatic penetrant spray booth, rinsing booth, drying booth, developers spray booth and inspection booth. It is mainly used by big parts inspection for aerospace industry.

3. Automatic Tank Lines
Automatic tank line includes all tanks for FPI, but also with automatic crane system and PLC control. It is mainly used for automotive industry with very large production.


4. Monorail FPI Line
Monorail FPI line is for super large quantity production penetrant testing. The maximum production quantity of CHiNDT monorail FPI line is up to 30,000 parts per day.
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