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CHiNDT has 25+ year experience of designing and manufacturing MT equipments with more than 1,500+ projects around the world. Our MPI equipments are used for various industries of aerospace, military, nuclear, automotive, railway, ship-building and steel, etc. CHiNDT offers both standard bench and customized solutions. CHiNDT MPI equipment has high level of automation and reliability.

1. Yokes
2. Portable MAG units
3. Standard MPI bench - UniMT Series
UniMT Series has the following functions:

· Waveform: AC/HWDC/FWDC, 1 phase or 3 phases
· Maximum Current: 1,000-15,000A per request
· Distance: 500-5,000mm per request
· Part rotation
4. Customized MPI System
For Ship-building industry
For large parts
For steel industry
For railway

For aerospace and military
For automotive

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